QuickJoy IME is an universal soft keyboard for Android 8/16-bit computer emulators (Atari, Amiga, C64) and for the NES emulators, inspired by awesome controls in top-tier iOS jump&run games (Soosiz, NyxQuest, etc.).

"QuickJoy IME" is designed as a one-button JOYSTICK replacement, while "QuickJoy IME for NES" is well suited for NES emulation.

They work great with most platform (jump&run) games, such as Lethal Weapon, Addams Family, Superfrog, McDonald Land on the Amiga, Montezuma's Revenge! and Pitfall! on Atari and Super Mario Bros. and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers on NES. In fact, it works well with most genres, provided that they don't require pressing fire AND up/down simultaneously (i.e. fire+diagonals).

General setup / prerequisities:

  • QuickJoyIME installs input method (soft "keyboard", that's disabled by default) and a small utility app called QuickJoyTool.
  • Use QuickJoyTool to manually add QuickJoyIME to the system input method list ("Select Input Method" > "Configure input methods").
  • Set QuickJoyIME as the default input method (launch QuickJoyTool and "Select Input Method").
  • Use "Toggle Input Method" button to show QuickJoyIME (it'll stay on top when you go to the launcher - remember that it'll disappear when you press the BACK button).

Keyboard mappings

  • Left - D
  • Right - F
  • Up - R
  • Down - C
  • Fire - A

How to use it with UAE4Droid

  1. Enable "Alternate Input Method" in settings.
  2. Launch QuickJoyTool and set QuickJoyIME as the default input method.
  3. Toggle the keyboard on.
  4. Go to UAE4Droid (don't use the BACK button, use HOME or "recent apps" switcher!), go to settings, "Physical controls". Use QuickJoyIME controls to map the following:
    • Fire - A (red button)
    • Up - R (blue button up)
    • Down - C (blue button down)
    • Down - C (blue button down)
    • Left - D (green button left)
    • Right - F (green button right)
  5. Launch any game. Press MENU, more and press "Show touch controls" to DISABLE the buit-it UAE4DROID on-screen controls. Rotate the screen once (UAE4DROID bug) and the buil-in touch controls should disappear.
  6. Launch QuickJoyTool, select QuickJoyIME as a default input method. Toggle the keyboard on, go back to UAE4DROID and play!

QuickJoy IME requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Download from Google Play