LoboWiki is a reader for Wikipedia™ for your Android phone.

The main idea behind LoboWiki, an unofficial reader for Wikipedia™, is to read articles in a distraction-free manner. All the links you click are added to the reading queue, instead of being immediately opened.

Use the swipe gesture to move between articles in your reading queue. Open tables and infoboxes in pop-ups. Click on the image thumbnail to open it in pop-up and pinch-to-zoom to see all the details.

LoboWiki is designed to be to simple, clean and user friendly. It's not going to be a full-blown research tool - I'll focus on making it pleasure to use during longer, casual reading sessions.

The application consists of two main views - the Article View and the Queue List. Article View is where your queued articles can be read.Queue List shows a list consisting of titles of all the queued articles and provides the search functionality.

Feature How to use
Search Wikipedia Use the search box provided in the Queue List view. Click on the autocomplete suggestions to queue selected articles or use the full-text article search instead. Articles are always queued instead of being directly opened.
Quickly swipe between queued articles When in Article View, use swipe gesture to quickly navigate between articles in your reading queue.
Set available languages Use the "Common languages" setting in Preferences, then use the language dropdown menu in the Action Bar to set the search language.
Toggle the Action Bar in the Article View Single-tap anywhere on the page in the Article View to show / hide the Action Bar.
Queue articles during reading Click on an internal link in the Article View to add the linked article to the reading queue. It may take a few seconds before the article is available for reading.
See the list of queued articles (List View) When in Article View, press the application logo in the upper left corner to go back to the Queue List.
LoboWiki is still in development.
Status Feature
implemented Distraction free reading: all clicked links are queued instead of being opened. Jumping to the next article in the queue marks the previous article as read.
implemented Clean UI, following the Android 4.0 Design guidelines.
implemented Pretty rendering of Wikipedia articles.
implemented Tables of contents.
implemented Category browser.
implemented Support for different language editions.
implemented Font size adjustment.
implemented Two visual themes: Holo and Holo dark.
implemented "Random article" feature.
planned Offline image caching.
planned Text-to-Speech for articles.
planned Tablet-optimized interface (incl. Nexus 7).

LoboWiki requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Download from Google Play