Amiga 500 emulator for Android originally started as a fork of UAE4Droid and designed to play games.

Primary goals:

  1. Comfortable touch controls (joystick/mouse/keyboard) inspired by some of the finest games on iOS and Android platforms
  2. Simple user interface with (almost) zero configuration
  3. Emulates only an Amiga 500 w/ 0,5 MB Chip + 0,5 MB Slow and a single floppy drive with good (but not necessarily 100%) compatibility

Hardware and software requirements:

  1. Omega 500 requires an ARMv7 phone, running Android 4.0 or higher.
  2. You have to find a 512kb Amiga "1.3" Kickstart ROM (kick.rom, md5: 192d6d950d0ed3df8040b788502831c2) and copy it to the root of internal memory (/sdcard/kick.rom).

Please note that Omega 500 is at very early stages of development.

Known bugs & limitations:

  1. Keyboard is not yet fully functional (missing SHIFT/Caps keys, Esc key not working).

Already implemented:

  1. Mouse emulation and joystick controller modes:
    • QuickJoy - for platform & racing games.
    • GridJoy - for shmups, sport games and topdown shooters).
  2. Zip/ADZ (compressed ADFs) support.
  3. Two 68000 emulation cores (Fame/C, which is recommended, and legacy UAE4Droid core that allows to load UAE4Droid savestates).


  1. Multitouch keyboard
  2. Additional optimized on-screen controllers (e.g. for pinball games and for specific titles).
  3. Better savestate feature.
  4. Hi-res graphic modes, less graphical glitches (HAM & EHB modes).
  5. Support for physical buttons (Xperia Play) and external controllers (Bluetooth, USB OTG controllers).

It's a pre-alpha release and requires Android 4.0+

Download from Google Play